MaskCARA 111D Hac

Today I did a live video all about my MaskCARA foundation & contouring pallet. 

I have the colors Sunlit, Stone, Dahlia, & Honey. 

I applied the makeup to my face with the 30 second hac brush and blended it all with a Beauty Blender. MaskCARA also has a similar sponge like blender (and it's cheaper too). 

I set it all with NYX white powder & Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. 

All products are linked on this post. 

Here is my before and after MaskCARA. 

AMAZING how alive I look in the after, right? It's so dewy and gives the perfect amount of glow!

xo Alex



Behind the chair

Here are some behind the chair pictures I have taken of the work I have done this summer so far! 

iPhone pictures, all hair and makeup by me, Alex Crabtree.

Confetti Night | June 18th 2105

If you live in my home state, Utah, you need to know about Confetti Night!! The ultimate GNO!

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And most importantly you get to reflect on yourself and how you can become your best you!

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xo Alex 

What is Airbrush makeup?

Jennifer Kyle Wedding Sneak Peek-JenniferKyleSneakPeek-0081.jpg

As a makeup artist, I offer airbrush makeup in addition to a full face makeup application.  Brides frequently ask: "What is Airbrush makeup? Do you think I need it?" 

Airbrush Makeup is flawless foundation that is literally airbrushed onto your skin for a very natural and soft appearance.  Airbrush makeup is great for covering uneven skin tones and for hiding blemishes.  It can be as heavy or as subtle as you would like it to be.  It is full coverage, light weight, and wears very well.  It will last all day long!

I hope this helps you understand more about why I offer an airbrush makeup option.

Alex Crabtree

SIMPLE Make-up Step By Step

This step by step is simple, educational, and practical for your everyday make-up application! 

I call this the "NO make-up, make-up" look.  ( Don't be confused )

I love this look!

It's a way to wear make-up that draws attention to your eyes and face, not to your make-up. 

Here is how it's done!



  1. Wash your face & apply moisturizer to your entire face and eyelids.  Always start applying make-up to a clean face.  
  2. Conceal your eye-lid and under eye.  I would recommend using a light liquid foundation for this, unless you have really dark under eye circles, then go with a concealer. 
  3. With an eyebrow pencil that is close to your brow color, lightly fill in your eyebrows and comb them with a brow brush to make a nice clean shape to frame your eye. 
  4. Using an eye shadow color lighter than your skin color, brush the inside corner of your lid and under the brow line. Applying a lighter color under the brow line will create the illusion of an OPEN awake eye! (Use a color that shimmers to add drama.)
  5. Next choose an eyeshadow color that is slightly darker than your skin color and brush the crease of your lid from the outside corner to about the middle of your eye-lid. This adds depth to the crease. 
  6. With an angled shadow brush, line your top lash line from the outside corner moving inward as far as you'd like. (The more liner you use the more dramatic it will look.) For the liner color, choose one that is slightly darker than the color you used for your crease, or wet the brush and use the same color, as it will appear a little darker when it's applied wet.
  7. Using the same brush and eye-shadow color, line the bottom lash line. 
  8. Apply your favorite mascara, and WaaLaa! Beautiful eye make-up!